Norwegian Police Conducted Drill for ‘Practically Identical Scenario’ Right Before Utoya Attack

J, a Danish Cryptogon reader, with family connections to Norway, kindly sent this translation. He says that native Norwegian speakers may find issues with it. Thank you, J, we appreciate your effort.

//Trained for Utøya scenario July 22

Only hours before Anders Behring Breivik began shooting children on Utøya, the
police emergency squad concluded an exercise where they practiced an almost
identical situation.

Ray: – The police were interested in British cells

The trial of Behring Breivik might be conducted in the Oslo Courthouse

The police wanted to sell the boat that had experienced engine failure en route to

Four days in advance, and also the same Friday the attack was carried out, the
police special unit trained on an ongoing terror campaign that was approximately
equal to the situation that hours later, met the 22 police officers within the
emergency squad on Utøya.

//Aftenposten have confirmation from key sources in the Oslo police management that
the exercise was terminated at 3PM that very Friday.

All officers from the emergency squad that participated in the government quarter
after the car bomb and later came ashore on Utøya, arresting Anders Behring Breivik,
had earlier that same day and in the days ahead participated in training on an
identical scenario.

The police barely completed the exercise, before what they had been training for,
became reality.

As far as Aftenposten has been informed, the training transcended directly into what
the policed then faced in the Tyrifjord that very day; a mobile terror attack, in
which one or more perpetrators only goal was to shoot as many people as possible and
then shoot the police when they arrived.

– It was very close to facit. Chance would have it that way, says a key police
source, who declined to quoted by name.


The police did not train on a scenario including as many victims as they met on Utøya.

The police special unit trains continuously. But every quarter, they have “sections”
where they train for different types of scenarios.

These are different scenarios police envisions might occur where the emergency squad
must be inserted. There may be actions indoors, in cities or outside in other

According to police, this is a scenario they train on several times a year and has
trained for, for several years, especially after specific events in other countries.

//26 minutes

Only 26 minutes after the emergency squad´s training had concluded, the car bomb
went off in the government quarter. The Emergency Squad arrived early on the scene.

At 3.30PM, the staff at the Oslo police learned about a shooting at Utøya. They put
so much trust in the the message, that the emergency squad entered the cars, already
positioned in the government quarter and cars that came from the police station at
Grønland in Oslo.

On the way they had problems contacting the North Buskerud Police District, but at
6.02PM, six minutes before they arrived, they established contact and agreed to meet
at Storøya.

Once there, seven people from the emergency squad and three police officers from
Nordre Buskerud Police District boarded a 4.9 meter long rubber dinghy. This was so
heavily loaded that it began taking in water. The police were assisted by a civilian
boat and sailed towards Utøya.


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